Parrot ABC’s (ebook Instant Download)


What if your parrot could ask for:
• a sip of warm tea?
• a shower?
• their favorite food for lunch?
• the wood block toy?
• a snuggle?
• a children’s storybook? 

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Intro by author Jennifer Cunha

What if your parrot could tell you what they want, in English? No more guessing, and no more charades! Discover a new level of enrichment and connection with your feathered friend! 

Author Jennifer Cunha taught her mischievous cockatoo Ellie how to read last year in sessions of 15-20 minutes per day, a few days per week… and mostly as an act of self-preservation! A busy mind, Jennifer determined, might be slightly less impish!

Having taught young children how to read many years ago, Jennifer used the same principles on little Ellie. 

You can watch Ellie read a book:

Replete with humor and antics, Jennifer outlines in easy-to-follow detail all of the steps she took to teach Ellie how to read – from learning basic letters and phonics, and graduating to words – to actually reading simple children’s books. Along the way, she discovered that communication became incredibly easy—and tons of fun!