Consenting Birds (eBook Download)


What if your parrot could communicate clearly with you   no more guessing, no more charades?!

Includes Target Training!


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Consent is your parrot’s ability to communicate “yes” and “no” to you. It is a simple technique, yet once learned, your parrot is no longer the passive recipient in a benevolent dictatorship – they become opinionated co-authors of their own life experiences! 

What if you could ask your parrot:

  • Do you want some warm tea?
  • Would you like a kiss? Or a pet?
  • Do you want to take a shower?
  • Would you like to go with Mom out in the car?

This introductory ebook covers the basic principles of target training, teaching your parrot to communicate “yes” and “no”, as well as a bonus chapter on extensive vocabulary development from the Parrot ABCs: Teach Your Bird to Read book!

Stop guessing and start talking today!