Learnin’ Beepers Enrichment Webinar Mar 28 2020 7:30PM EST



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Learnin’ Beepers: Learning names! Family and Friends

March 28  2020 @ 7:30pm EST –  $20.00
Approximately 1 – 1.5 Hr

What better way to enrich our birds than to stimulate their minds with fun and simple learning activities?

Join us for our monthly Learnin’ Beepers online class, which is chock full of ideas to engage and connect with your parrot!

No prereq’s ~ this is a BEGINNERS class for all the parrots that are learning yes/no and book/craft enrichment!

Using simple vocabulary and toddler-level crafts and books, our cute little guys are going to learn all about names of family, friends… and yes, they can even name their toys!

Familiarity with simple training concepts – yes/no, book enrichment, or crafts with birds – will provide a wonderful basis for this enrichment class! Come with your questions!

Whether you’re just starting, or you’re looking to dive back into learning, we’ll continue working on these skills together!

Mark your calendar.

When: March 28 @ 7:30pm EST (Sunday am for the Aussies!)
Where: Online – using your smartphone, tablet, or computer
Cost: $20 for an hour and a half of friendship, learning and sharing!

Can’t wait to see you!

*You’ll have the best experience in this class if you’ve already read the yes/no manual or taken the Teach Your Parrot Yes-No Communication webinar!

You can find those here: www.myreadingpets.com/shop

Stop guessing and start talking today!


  • How do I sign up?

Spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.  Click the Add To Cart button, then click View Cart, then Proceed to Cart.
In the Additional Information section please include your Facebook contact information as well as your name, your learner’s name, their favorite treats, and a little info about your cute baby!

  • Can I purchase the webinar for a friend as a gift?

Yes but the purchase will be done separately (one for each person) as the Email address and contact info is registered for each participant.

  • Can pets really learn to read?

Animals are astonishing scientists all the time with their abilities and skills. While reading is a complex cognitive process, at its heart it is simply the ability to memorize the sounds and symbols of 26 letters… and then to correlate those sounds and symbols to objects and ideas, building vocabulary.

We believe almost any pet can learn consent–the ability to communicate with you using yes/no flashcards and the heart of our Fundamentals of Learning class!

  • Is there any research on this?

Jennifer is collaborating with Dr. Susan Clubb, DVM and researcher Dr. Lynn Perry at the University of Miami to publish her methods and findings. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement!

This is only a practice design setup in our research, and we’re still training the birds, but you can see Isabelle reading three-syllable words under blind conditions! (I can’t see the words on the binder!) 🙂